4.2%abv 32IBU

A crisp clean traditional Pilsner with a ‘New World’ twist. We’ve packed the whirlpool with the Tasmanian hop ‘Enigma’. No bitterness additions were made just 100% whirlpool hop loving! This retains a large proportion of the delicate oils usually lost in the boiling process, increasing your experience of the true hop character.

 taste award pils       

This coffee flavoured stout was originally made for Dark Mofo  Winter Feast 2016 & was so well received that we have added it to our range this year. Made with cold drip and espresso coffee from our mates at Villino Coffee.


Bronze Medal Winner July 2017

Our popular Cloudy Apple Cider is now available in the bottle too. Created from local Huon Valley apples. The cider remains cloudy as there is no excessive filtering that removed the pectin. 100% natural and vegan friendly!