6.8%abv 50IBU

An English Style India Pale Ale (UKIPA) traditionally brewed with bucket loads of malt hops, including Fuggles and Goldings
One eye, one arm, hit by a musket ball, soon to be pickled in brandy and still up for it… “KISS ME HARDY” Here’s one for the cock-eyed optimist! Join us in a toast to Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.  And what a way to salute such an optimist than with our Traditional English India Pale Ale.
So turn your ship upwind, wrap one arm around the mainsail and shout out loudly “Kiss me Hardy!”

4.2%abv 32IBU

A crisp clean traditional Pilsner with a ‘New World’ twist. We’ve packed the whirlpool with the Tasmanian hop ‘Enigma’. No bitterness additions were made just 100% whirlpool hop loving! This retains a large proportion of the delicate oils usually lost in the boiling process, increasing your experience of the true hop character.

 taste award pils       

5.8% 32IUB

For lovers of dark beer.

Malted grains were lovingly smoked locally on Bruny Island by Bruny Island Smokehouse creating a perfect menage a trois with black strap molasses and a large late addition of hops.  Smokey, hoppy and a perfect balance of bitterness.taste wards dark

Our popular Cloudy Apple Cider is now available in the bottle too. Created from local Huon Valley apples. The cider remains cloudy as there is no excessive filtering that removed the pectin. 100% natural and vegan friendly!